123 Charlotte Street Cooktown, Qld 4895

Cooktown is a charming town that wears its history with ease, due to a number of impressive buildings constructed during the gold mining boom at Palmer River in the 1880s that remain today. In more recent times the region’s economy is been driven by the cattle and horticultural industries, mining, and tourism. This gracious building is right in the middle of Cooktown, next door to the heritage-listed former Cooktown Post and Telegraph Office. Since its inception in circa 1887, 123 Charlotte Street has operated as Cooktown’s LPO.

Like its direct neighbour to the south, the building is a rare surviving example of a combined Post Office & Telegraph Office and is a large hardwood timber building in Cooktown. Its grand front balcony overlooks Charlotte Street and has high set ceilings and hardwood floors. The floors, walls, and ceiling are crafted out of native hardwoods, and the stumps under the building are steel with a newish corrugated iron roof. The building sits in a prime location in the busiest part of Charlotte Street opposite the Sovereign Hotel.

Cooktown Post Office | 123 Charlotte Street Cooktown Qld 4895

The current anchor tenant is the Australia Post franchise. The Westpac formerly operated from the office to the southern side where the ATM machine sits today. Westpac no longer operates a staffed agency all work is conducted via the ATM machine or through the Post Office main desk.

Price Guidance: $590,000.00