1495 Mt Amos Road, Cooktown, Qld 4895
View above the tree line north

Ever imagined an escape? Yet still, be able to access those items we need for living easily. Years gone by, conducting such an adventure escape meant dealing with the tyranny of distance. Lack of access to basics, let alone today’s modern equipment. All that ended over the past 15 years!

view from house, 1495 Mt Amos Road, Cooktown, Qld 4895

With off grid power, great internet access to the rest of the world, your escape is now possible whilst ensuring you don’t lose touch with loved ones and the outside world. You no longer need to be Tarzan and Jane swinging from the vines. You may if you wish, but the reality is, with some real-life skills one can turn this patch of paradise into an amazing haven in the wilderness. Most things can be purchased online and delivered by post. You can work online at your favourite job, be creative, write a book or work the markets from a laptop then escape out the door to create your treehouse, go fishing or work your garden.

Mt Amos Road, Cooktown, Qld 4895

The vendor who has lived here since 1974 and planted an amazing array of food trees around the house to supplement his family’s diet. Heading up to Mt Amos, the roads are easy and as you start heading up through the rainforest the scenery gets better and better. Accessible with most conventional vehicles, a 4WD would be advisable in summer. Cooktown is only 25 minutes away and the Mulligan Highway 15.

Mt Amos and the Big Tableland, Cooktown, Qld 4895
View above the tree line east.

Within the property, the land rises up the leeward side of the coastal range leading on to Mt Amos which sits 846m above sea level. The property is at a comfortable 200m above sea level with sunny warm days and nice cool evenings to enjoy around the fire. By clearing the eastern boundary one would enjoy gapes through the trees with ocean views out to Hope Islands and over the Great Barrier Reef coast. With only a few neighbour’s, life is peaceful away from any pandemic government controls and nagging media. Fishing can be had directly from the small beach and rocks surrounding Mt Amos bay only a short walk away.

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Mt Amos Road, Cooktown, Qld 4895

Price guidance: $349,000 o.n.o