Lakeland has become the food production and renewable energy hub of Cape York. A small township on a volcanic plain surrounded by irrigation dams. It is the gateway to Cape York as all inland roads lead through Lakeland. Lakeland was named after William Lakeland, one of the earliest and most prolific prospectors of the Cape York Peninsula. He prospected with Christie Palmer on the Palmer River Goldfields.

9 Cyril Street Lakeland Qld 4871

In 1873, he discovered gold in Coen in 1878, found gold on the Batavia River starting a gold rush there in 1892 and discovered wolfram in the Pascoe River and Iron Range. The Lakeland township is located 81km south west of Cooktown at the junction of the Mulligan Highway and the Peninsula Development Road. Although small, it services this busy region and is a popular stopping place for travellers and locals.

Today Lakeland boasts some of the most productive cropping soils with horticulture plantations stretching for as far as the eye can see. Employment in the region is plentiful and opportunities abound.

9 Cyril Street a comfortable 2-bedroom home located within Lakeland township. Walking distance to all facilities the property is fenced has a bore and rainwater tank and is airconditioned. There are limited house vacancies in Lakeland and plenty of people always looking to rent a room. This would make an ideal first home for a family working in Lakeland.

Price Guidance: $350,000 o.n.o