Trying to sell and run your farm or station at the same time is always a delicate balance. If you developed it from scratch it can additionally be an emotional one. We always start here with the end in mind on any transaction we are contracted to. We are creative and trustworthy, we understand from first hand experience the need for transparency and integrity.

Rural property services or brokering businesses can be complex if we let them be. Positioning a farm business and its assets for sale can be made easy at Real Estate Downunder through hands-on assistance towards compliance & certification checks, chattel inclusions, standout information memorandums, attractive flier design, easy to read comparative market analysis, and through working together pricing guidance.

Maintaining the vision of the end in mind, we offer Leadership guidance in the process whilst you and your team can focus on running and growing the farm business along with the preparation of assets and stock involved in the planned transaction.

Buyers looking to make acquisitions are assisted with the convenience of local knowledge, the full understanding of the listings’ operational needs and soil types with transitional assistance.

There are many lifestyle and family rural businesses within idyllic estates in unique locations in and around Tropical Far North Queensland. We have a huge range of horticultural production areas, cattle stations, conservation lots, and alternative energy units within a few hours’ drive of the Cairns airport. You’re at the apex of three ecosystems here: outback, rainforest, and reef, all cradling different types of flora and fauna and soil types – it’s an incredible place.

With today’s communications, one has the ability to live rural, enjoy the good life, work well with the possibility of multiple income streams including export earnings and obtain all your needs at the click of a mouse. All without the hustle and bustle of the crowds. At knock-off time, a few steps from work and you’re smelling the roses, as the kids are home and paradise awaits your indulgence. From time to time or when required a quick drive to Cairns airport and one can be anywhere in the world or country within hours.

545 Cameron Creek Road, Cooktown Qld 4895

2375 Rossville Bloomfield Rd, BLOOMFIELD

102 Esk Valley Rd, Cooktown, Qld 4895




Income generating life style estates, homes with room to move, homes covering equestrian needs, farms with tourism opportunities attached.


Production lots, Orchards, Cut Flower, Nursery production and retail, developments


Small to mid-sized stations


Wildlife preservation areas, re-vegetation lots


Land ideal for alternative energy production within reach of grid infrastructure.