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Lakeland Coffee House & Store

The Lakeland Coffee House & Store announce the appointment of Real Estate Downunder to acquire new buyers for this perfect entry-level opportunity business. Ideal for an investor, family operators or couple to take this business to the next level

This centrally located and financially strong performing leasehold business is in Lakeland Tropical Far North Queensland, has a well-established trading history and returns. The business gives you the opportunity to enjoy a sound income, expand it into a supermarket or leave as is whilst living in an enjoyable friendly region!

Currently run by the owners and supported by staff for the past eleven years. With sound local support the owners have always been community focused. Over this time the region has and continues to grow at a steady pace. A local village population of approx. 230 residence (2011 census) plus 200 transient year round workers.

Lakeland Coffee House & Store makes the perfect entry-level opportunity for family operators. Not your traditional convenience store, it is so much more! Drop in and be surprised by the range of gourmet groceries, on-site roasted coffee, local produce, fill the car with fuel and something to eat for every palette or need.

Lakeland the junction of the popular Mulligan Highway and the Cape York Peninsular Development Road. 242 kilometres NW of Cairns and 81 kilometres SW of Cooktown. A major food bowl and agriculture hub for Tropical Far North Queensland due to the lush volcanic soils abundance of irrigation water due to plentiful rainfall during the summer months. Everyone travelling north or south must go through Lakeland.

The region enjoys steady growth in 2020 due to the ever expanding Banana industry, fruit plantations and newly formed alternative green energy battery stations. The village is named for William Lakeland one of the early prospectors of the Palmer River gold fields from the late 1800’s. Today there is a state school incl. kindergarten, hotel with accommodation, a roadhouse, Lakeland Coffee House & Store, Road Tek depot, additional to many farms, horticulture plantations, packing houses and alternative energy plants.