Let your home tell a story!

Your home needs to tell a story to potential buyers and you can stage it without all the big expenses or pay a staging expert to do this for you. Many with some intuition can do it themselves. A home’s value starts on the inside then works outwards. In essence, a good clean-up of the grounds makes for a very inviting welcome.

To create an uninterrupted flow through your home and garden with spaces to pause is important. Give buyers a potential experience, and to do this you need to think about it. Set up your staging so people are able to stop taking in before moving on to the next space, all in continuity. Spaces need to complement each other, avoiding glaring clashes of taste or flow.

It is important the buyer gets a feel for your property and can see themselves in each space to imagine what their daily routine takes them to and how would they feel doing this in that space. An arrangement of striking flowers gives time for reflection, a stop, and is likely to enhance the area it is surrounded by. Making your home liveable and inviting for inspection are one of the most powerful marketing tools one can use. Especially when working with your agent, to present the property to the best of its ability. It is quite possibly your largest asset, style it well!

Styling your home is the key to place a home on its best foot. For many to achieve this without the burden of cost is to apply time, pack up and de-clutter your place. Clear off the kitchen benches cupboard items and generally open the place up.  Still continue to live there in preparation for your next journey, yet through the declutter, allow buyers to see their own belongings in each space. This also allows for a better building inspection for potential buyers or master builders inspecting any building prior to finalising a transaction.

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