Opportunity for change awaits!

The Australian Great Barrier Reef Coast is a sensational place to live. Today connectivity allows for living easily at a distance from the rest of the world’s stress-laden routines. Escape your office world, reconnect with the environment, and be creative making your work more enjoyable, and productive whilst embracing personal time. Don’t leave it too late!

Cooktown Qld 4895

Cooktown on Cape York is moving forward on many fronts. With three flights on most days matched with sealed roads north and south, getting in and out is a breeze. This modest growth makes way for numerous opportunities in many industries. Tourism is one of those and in and around Cooktown the coastal country charm remains, offering so much, not just for visitors, but also for those who live and work here.

Long-term owners of the Cooktown Orchid Travellers Park both became enchanted by the history and beauty of this tropical coastal town. Seeing its potential in 1997 they purchased the park right in the centre of town. Over the past 25 years, they have transformed both the tourism operation as well as the high street retail shops they have attached to the park on Charlotte Street and enjoyed a balanced lifestyle and year-round revenue streams. As they inch closer to retirement they are planning their exit strategy and preparing to hand over the reins. See HERE for more information on this opportunity.

At Real Estate Downunder we have a plethora of opportunities in commercial, residential, and rural living that make living here a breeze. If you wish to reach out to learn more about living in paradise or finding your claim in this unique area of Queensland drop us a line below or email us below.