Cape York a land of unique life styles!

Until a few years ago Cape York was considered by many as off the beaten track. A place for intrepid adventurers, naturalists or those wishing to escape the city to paradise. As road infrastructure rolls further north, access to unique wilderness areas of great beauty become accessible in a conventional vehicle.

With the addition of fast NBN satellite or optic fibre Internet available throughout Cape York many Australians are moving to the region to improve their standard of living away from the distractions of the daily grind in the city. Lifestyle blocks and ocean view acreages offer tropical orchards home grown organic produce, resort style homes with open ended views of the surrounding landscape and the Coral Sea at affordable prices. Great not only for a romantic retirement, also for young families wishing to raise and educate their children in a high standard enabling them to grasp an understanding of how life should be at one with nature.

 The Great Barrier Reef Coast stretching from Cape Tribulation to north of Cooktown offers easy year round access to Cairns airport from which one can travel abroad or nationally with ease. No time wasting traffic congestion around here, working from home has not only become acceptable it is often a preference enabling a true life balance leading to higher individual productivity. After the days end a few easy steps to nature’s wonderland for hikes, sailing, fishing, photography, art, fitness or simply spending time with each other.

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